A Cause, and a Clinic Worth Supporting

The Old Irving Park Community Clinic is a free, primary care facility founded in 2007 by George Maltezos, LCPC and Dr. Charles Martinez on the belief that all people, regardless of socio-economic status, have the right to quality health care.

I started volunteering for the clinic in early 2012 when the Illinois budget crisis created a situation where most all state supported OIPCCbehavioral health clinics in the Chicago area were shutting their doors. Primarily due to a lack of payment from the state for services rendered to the community. Consequently George Maltezos asked me to come on board to help start the clinics first long-term behavioral health program.

Naturally, since I agreed with the clinic’s objective of providing quality, free, medical and behavioral health care to uninsured and under-served individuals I agreed and became the clinic’s first volunteer LCPC working with long-term behavior health clients.

The clinic functions through partnerships with individual volunteers, institutional health care providers, and local businesses. Moreover, Old Irving Park Community Clinic is one of the few free clinics to offer both behavioral health and medical services under one roof.

The patients served are uninsured working people and their families along with the unemployed who do not qualify for any type of government assistance programs, such as Medicaid or Medicare, or have no access to any financial resources for payment for health care.

The clinic is the only free clinic within their service area (northwest side of Chicago). By caring for individuals, they also directly impact their families. Healthy families in the community enable people to keep their jobs, further their education, and improve their quality of life. Further, the clinic enriches the community through community outreach for volunteers to support the clinic.

To volunteer, for more information or to donate to The Old Irving Park Community Clinic, visit www.oipcc.org.